Thomas Family

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Thomas Family

ICC Horticulture Lab


CUTENESS OVERLOAD AHEAD!!!! DeLaney is so so so adorable, this blogpost is guaranteed to melt your heart! DeAnna contacted me to update her family photos after seeing my work circulating. I was so excited to work with her and Braden and meet their new little girl, DeLaney. Once the day arrived, I was stoked. The leaves were changing and the weather was so warm, perfect for a fall shoot. I met the Thomas' in the parking lot and DeAnna took DeLaney out of the car to hand her to me. She was so cute and her outfit was perfect. As I was admiring DeAnna's perfect matching skills, I read DeLaney's shirt, "Big Sister." I was so so ecstatic, I looked at DeAnna with wide eyes and she's like "yes! so our family photos have kind of turned into a baby announcement if you don't care." Of course I didn't mind!! 

If this shoot wasn't enough already, DeAnna brought her old Christmas Dress for DeLaney to wear in some Christmas photos. She modeled it like a pro, and looks just like DeAnna did when she was a baby! This shoot was so meaningful and special, I loved it so much. I love planning my photo shoots but I also love surprises like this <3 Braden and DeAnna, thank you so much for choosing me to shoot these for you and congrats!!!! <3




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